Spa and Hotels



Vishwa Wellness has been working for the last 47 years to provide holistic healing products and services to a global audience. All our products and services are based on natural healing sciences. Now we are partnering with like-minded organizations worldwide to take this healing system to a larger audience. We are supplying our quality products and therapy training to many renowned Spa and Wellness brands who like us, believe in the concept of Natural and Holistic healing.

All our products are made using high quality ingredients and contain no toxic chemicals.
Based on our experience of the last 4 decades and in depth research, we have created an exclusive line of products to suit the requirements of today’s Spa and Wellness industry. Each products is individually created by our experts and is uniquely balanced to give a long lasting healing effect to the guest. The texture, the consistency, the aromas of each product are specially designed to give the user a truly relaxing Spa experience. We use the best of base oil, the purest of essential oils and the finest herbal extracts to create an exhaustive line of world class Spa products.