Revive Herbal Tea With Basil and Ginger

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A soothing, healing and calming blend of herbs and spices. Our Revive Herbal Tea is 100% natural, contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives and is made using finest quality ingredients to provide desired healing effect.



Revive  Herbal Tea With Basil and Ginger is a flavored tea containing a combination of spices and healing herbs. Blended in the Himalayas, our tea is packed with the rich flavors of fresh herbs and soothing aromas of spices. Our tea is a perfect beverage that is healthy, soothing, fragrant and delicious to drink. It is 100% caffeine free.

Uses- This combination is an anti-oxidant, protects the respiratory and digestive system, enhances mental powers, improves immunity, soothes the nerves, calms the mind, energizes the body and boost longevity.

How to make- Put a Revive Herbal Tea bag in a cup. To this add approximately 150 ml (1 cup) of hot water. To reach its full flavor the tea has to brew in the hot water for about 3-4 mins. Once the tea has brewed remove the tea bag. Add sugar/honey/lemon to taste.

Storage- Keep in a cool dry place.

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