The Journey Towards Holistic Happiness

The Journey Towards Holistic Happiness

What is happiness? How can we define happiness? The idea of becoming happy circles around healing our internal and external ailments by being content with one’s own self. How do we define healing?  Healing is the process where we attain internal and external balance by becoming whole; with any imbalance being manifested across numerous areas of one’s lives including career, health, relations, diet, finances among numerous others. Thanks to these facets, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of each and every part of one’s life to maintain the synergy for one’s own well-being. The daily routine of today’s world has rendered numerous aspects as non-functional and imbalanced, thereby ignoring an essential question one needs to answer. By questioning, individuals must aspire to challenge and change the status quo which can lead one to a more fulfilling life with greater awareness towards the innate perspectives.

The high-stress life with its demanding complications has constantly put an enormous amount of stress on the physical and mental state of the individual. At times like these, it is essential to remove the toxins from the body to relieve it from anxiety and restlessness.  Various activities and alterations in the form of Diet, Pranayam, and Yoga among others have the power to transform an individual into a stable, calm, and healthier person from within. These activities not only cleanse one’s mind and body but also enrich the soul by bringing a freshly balanced perspective to life.

As individuals, it is essential for us to approach this healing process holistically; where we intertwine the mind, body, and the spirit.  Every particle around is made of energy, and by focusing the entire energy on ourselves, we can do wonders in every perspective. This focusing of energy can be done by using simple, natural elements in one’s life that provide the space to look into one’s self empathetically.

The Ayurvedic view of life can turn around one’s unhealthy habits and provide relief from stress and other health conditions including diabetes, heart problems, joint problems, skin issues, among others. Ayurvedic retreats also break the routine humdrum of life, by letting the body and mind experience a healthier level of lifestyle. The pursuit of a healthier lifestyle through natural elements can heal an individual internally & externally to be content on every front.

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