What is Vishwa and How can it help me?

Vishwa Foundation is a Non Profit Organization based at Shivpuri, having centers worldwide. In Shivpuri Ashram premise (spread across 150 acres comprising organic farms, Go-Shala, cafe and more), we have developed an Ayurvedic Retreat where we hold short and long term residential programs that heal and treat people of physical and mental ailments; and help them to rediscover themselves through Yoga & Spirituality.

How do I reach Shivpuri?

Shivpuri is 437 km (271 miles) south east of Mumbai. You can reach Shivpuri by train or road. Nearest airport is at  Mumbai. You can take a public or private transport to reach the Ashram from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik etc. If you inform us about your arrival in advance we will depute one of our staff members to receive you at the station.

Will someone help me in choosing the right retreat?

Yes, we will. You can take our Wellness Survey on the website and it will tell you whether you need a course, program or a retreat. For a more specific answer you can contact us over email at sales@vishwafoundation.com, we will study your problem & medical reports if any, your time schedule, specific requirements & budget; based on which we will suggest an appropriate program. Our experts will explain everything before you enroll yourself into one.

What kind of accommodation do you provide?

Guest can choose accommodation based on their preference and budget; from dorms to Villas. Everything’s been designed in keeping with our international guests expectations. For details about accommodation at Vishwa please visit our Accommodation

Is the retreat strict? What are your rules?

Yes, but not in a scary sort of a way…in the sense that we do have rules that we expect our guests to abide by. We’d like everyone to understand that we are not a holiday destination; we are a health and spiritual destination that offers a holiday like stress free environment. Depending on your specific condition, you are given a diet chart & schedules to follow; also we don’t allow consumption of non-veg, alcohol, or any prohibited substance within the premise.

Although Vishwa is wi-fi enabled, our guests aren’t allowed internet access throughout the day. Likewise use of mobile phones, TV etc is restricted.  During your stay our aim is to encourage you to connect with the quiet within yourself and experience freedom from emotional clutter.