Ayurveda Remedies for Depression

Ayurveda Remedies for Depression

Depression has become a common emotional disorder in the world today. No nation is spared. People of all age groups are its victims of it, many a times the reasons are most trivial and silly. Even primary school children are depressed, something unheard of till a few years ago. We are going to discuss all aspects of Ayurveda like its causes symptoms and treatments. Treatments we will discuss are Ayurvedic and non-invasive.

Stress is mainly caused because of our inability to handle crises or approaching adverse situations wrongly. Main causes that create stress are anxiety, tension, mental stress, drug addiction, and deficiency of vitamin B complex.

The disorder is capable of turning life topsy-turvy if allowed to go unnoticed. Symptoms are so much a part of daily life that often people fail to notice them; and take them for granted and think that these problems will solve themselves over time. But that is not how anything works, including our mind and body. Nothing happens automatically, some effort at some level is required for everything.

Symptoms of depression could be one or more of the following; feeling of overwhelming sadness or dejection, experiencing a deep sense of loss, feeling physically drained out without exerting much through the day, losing interest in day to day life including food; no appetite, mental fatigue or feeling of restlessness, sleep disturbance, lack of focus, feeling giddy and irritable etc.

Simplest and the most basic ways to deal with depression or help someone deal with it is by keeping the person constructively busy, giving simple tasks to perform, which will uplift their spirit and build self-esteem, along with that we should also encourage them to get proper rest and practice meditation.

There are some simple remedies in Ayurveda to deal with depression. We will discuss some with ingredients like cardamom seeds, nutmeg powder, gooseberry, Brahmi, Ashwagandha etc.

Make a drink by mixing half a tea spoon of cardamom seeds powder in a glass of water and sieve and drink it every day.

Take 4-5 gooseberries and extract their juice after removing seeds. In two tea spoons of this juice add half a tea spoon of nutmeg powder. Mix well and drink twice a day.

You can also mix one tea spoon of cashew nut powder to a cup of warm milk, mix well and drink once every day.

In one glass of water add two tablespoons of Ashwagandha & Brahmi powder; these two herbs are available in the market by the same name. Drink two glasses of water every day.

If problem seems out of control you can even visit a psychiatrist. You can seek online help from professional consultants.

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